He Dumped Her….

Who dumped her? Whose she who was dumped? Who dumped her? Why did he dump her? who are they ?

Stephen & Stella were in high school with each other and Stella was polite and Stephen was her everything and Stella was his too! after one year of dating and when it’s time to go to college, in vacation Stephen changed his transparent character 180 degrees actually, Stephen initially started not to answer Stella’s phone calls & stopped replying to her messages , Stephen stopped asking Stella to hangout like before,Stephen’s talking tone with Stella changed increasingly and he didn’t give a fuck whether Stella’s feeling good or bad as Stephen was enjoying his vacation with his friends and they stopped talking gradually and this helped Stella a lot in taking the decision.

My view

Love is not permanent. Stephen was bored & decided that the relation was not working out properly so he moved on.

Stella’s ,sincere love was having a aspiration that Stephen might again patch up with her.

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