Turning himself into a PSYCHO

This story is about a PSYCHO. This Psycho is a serial killer. He is a Mission-Oriented killer.

In the Headlines

Political Leaders,Big shots,& celebrities are found brutally murdered. None of them had rivals. They had a good & kind heart. Their bodies were sliced,boiled,&ripped. Maybe this exotic killer hunts for big bulls around us.

Who is this psycho? What mission is he working on? What stage of brutality he is? Why did he chosen being as a psycho? Is he merciless? Does this psycho harm innocent people?

Know about Ravi Bhattacharya…..

Ravi Bhattacharya is 55 years old. He is a gentleman & unconventional man. He has completed his master in Harvard University. He wanted to develop his village. He has done alot of research. He was a big-hearted person. He runs a orphanage, providing all the union needs. He is a altruistic person. He was a professional boxer.

One day Ravi Bhattacharya was found dead near the shores of a river. His car was found drowned in the river Which was hit with a Accident. The orphanage was under fire the previous night, many of the children were severly injured.

Arrival of Ashok Nanda Bhattacharya…..

It was great time & final rituals of Ravi was to be done by his beloved son Ashok Nanda Bhattacharya. He was a doctor at abroad. He arrived to complete the final rituals of his father. He looks at the dead body of his father. He finds something suspicious & asks his assistant to take the blood sample of his Father. Ashok completes all the rituals. But he seemed to be uncomfortable with his father’s death.

Ashok finds something suspicious…..

Ashok gets constantly doubting on his father’s death. He wanted to recollect the evidences & properties about his father from the Police. But the cops deny submitting them. He contact’s his Indian girlfriend Aisha who works as a undercover to the cops. He asks her to bring all the reliable copies of the atopsy reports. He finds his father’s death was because of Drunk & driving. Something’s fishy!!! Mr.Bhattacharya never had a habit of drinking. Ashok wanted all the call history & message history & every inch of evidence regarding his father. He finds his father’s journal & goes through it. He finds everything suspicious in it because some of the pages in the journal of his father were torn. He gets a conclusion that his father was murdered. But why !!!!!

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