[My CRUSH] It’s Suffocating HER…. : (

I am a GUY who wish to have a crush [ of course many of us do have crushes : ) ]. I was very desperate about her. But she’s was not aware of it I guess [ may be she knows about it ]. She often used to avoid me. I did not know why she was that reserved. Later day passed on…….

Now she’s talking to me. I should be happy for it [ Do you think I should be happy or Not ? ]

We were exchanging our texts frequently. Then she felt comfortable with me. I wanted to ask “Why she was Avoiding me”.

Do you think she has a boyfriend? Answer was NO !. It was her phsychotic brother.

He was very strict towards his sister. He used to restrict her freedom. Not letting her meet anyone, suspecting her all the time, trying to ruin her all the time.

If you had a sister will you do that? Or If you were in that situation what would you’ve done?

She Felt it very suffocating. Having a Lonely kind of feeling. Not having friends & no enjoyment. Locked in between the 4 walls.

She’s my crush…. So for a herotic performance I would become a Desi Hero to kick that brother.. So that I could talk to her all the time : ) . Fantasy Goals should get a chance.

Let’s raise voice to let the Fantasy Goals Win.

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