Extremely trying to be Independent Woman

This Blog was written on my personal experience on meeting a extremely independent woman who troubles others for her satisfaction… And then I wanted to know if you have even experienced such pathetic situation which suffocates you and crumbles you in many situations

Who are independent woman..?

The woman who make their living to meet their respective standards and goals are independent woman. These woman do not cause any trouble in their process of living. Their life cycle goes with their routine dreams and goals. They live their life very peacefully and simply.

The problem only arises if a woman tries to become independent. Their are certain characteristics for a woman to be independent. But these woman who are trying to be independent are very difficult to sustain. This leads to incapability of a relation before and after marriage. Social imbalance amongst the people she lives in. Ego problems and inferior complex disturbances.

Problems with these creepy trying to be independent woman…

Note: This is ain’t regarding every woman .. only refers to the people relating this content

The woman who try to be independent after being dependent for many years are a very big insecticide creatures in the society. They involve into creating a social imbalance environment. They fight for their only ego and self satisfaction troubling others. They keep on mocking and yelling harshly till their agenda is full filled. They create a problematic scene with their partners and suffocate their partners with their creepy shit. They design a virtual liberty schedule which cannot exist and insist them by trouble the people around them.

On my personal experience I hate such woman because they are basically a introvert stereotypic people who always wish they get and they achieve what they need. I was fed up with that creepy shit and trying to move away.

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