I write content based on true stories & the real journey included in them.I was inspired,motivated & influenced with the ideologies of great personalities who are successful. Everything I write in these contents is filled with honesty,sincerity,discipline&vision.

My goal from these contents is to even encourage & enlighten you. I want you to be a self-motivated & self-influenced with your mind. The main goal of bicep your mind is to create a phase turn to glorify & stable your capabilities. Your glory is my achievement. I want you to learn from the contents I produce for you.


Here Moment ….

So What do you think about a moment… ? Fun Or Frustation Or Suprise Or Shock. Are these what you call as a moment. But consider these elements as emotion guys. The moment where you pause you life for a instance to sustain is the real moment. It might be a work call , stressContinue reading “Here Moment ….”

Zero 0000

Sometimes even zero 0 is painful than negatives… I was talking about my account.

He Dumped Her….

Who dumped her? Whose she who was dumped? Who dumped her? Why did he dump her? who are they ? Stephen & Stella were in high school with each other and Stella was polite and Stephen was her everything and Stella was his too! after one year of dating and when it’s time to goContinue reading “He Dumped Her….”


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